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The Ukrainian Art House

We have established the Ukrainian Art House, which positions itself as a cultural diplomacy initiative, representing, promoting, and showcasing the works of Ukrainian artists in London.

The Ukrainian Art House is an organization that supports Ukrainian artists, craftsmen, designers, and creatives both in Ukraine and abroad as ambassadors of cultural diplomacy.

Our aim is to present the beauty of Ukrainian art and creativity and to enhance international trade relations between Ukraine and the United Kingdom.


The Ukrainian House of Art in London is dedicated to supporting and strengthening cultural diplomacy and cultural connections between Ukraine and the United Kingdom.


To share Ukraine's rich cultural heritage with the world and increase international trade in art between Ukraine and the United Kingdom, fostering international trade in Ukrainian crafts, supporting Ukrainian craftsmen, and contributing to the prosperity of Ukraine. We promote the Ukrainian House of Art to attract clients and buyers, raise awareness, showcase the works of Ukrainian craftsmen, artists, designers, and creative individuals, and establish the House as a center for Ukrainian creativity in London.


The Ukrainian Art House is a beacon of cultural diplomacy and creative expression. Ukrainian ART House focuses on promoting cultural diplomacy, showcasing the high quality of Ukrainian art, and increasing international trade between Ukraine and the United Kingdom. Ukrainian Trade House acts as a dynamic force that supports Ukrainian artists and designers on a global scale.


The Ukrainian Art House achieves its goals through the following strategies:

  • Supporting Ukrainian talent. The Ukrainian Art House provides a platform for Ukrainian artists, craftsmen, designers, and creatives to gain international recognition. Through exhibitions and collaboration, it enhances the visibility of Ukrainian talent.

  • Cultural Diplomacy. As cultural ambassadors, members of the Ukrainian Art House actively participate in international cultural events, festivals, and activities, sharing Ukraine's rich cultural heritage with the world. This not only fosters understanding but also strengthens diplomatic relations.

  • Promoting International Trade. The Ukrainian Art House plays a key role in facilitating trade between Ukraine and the United Kingdom. By connecting Ukrainian artists and designers to international markets, it promotes economic growth and stability.

  • Education and Advocacy. The Ukrainian Art House conducts educational programs and advocacy events to raise awareness of Ukrainian art and culture. Through workshops, seminars, and exhibitions, it contributes to a greater appreciation of Ukraine's creativity.

  • Partnerships. The Ukrainian Art House collaborates with organizations that share similar goals, artistic institutions, and government bodies to expand its impact. This collaboration supports the broader recognition and support of Ukrainian artists.

  • Online Presence. Ukrainian Art House utilizes online platforms and e-commerce to expand the reach of Ukrainian art.

The Ukrainian Art House aims to garner global attention for Ukrainian art and culture. By combining cultural diplomacy, art promotion, and economic cooperation, Ukrainian Art House seeks to achieve global recognition for the vibrant Ukrainian creative community and strengthen the ties between Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

Our Ukrainian Artists

Oksana Fursa

President of the ART ACADEMY named after Salvador Dali (@dali_artacademy_kyiv @dalilyceum)

Evaluation of Oksana Fursa's paintings by experts from the National Taras Shevchenko Museum

Irina Dobrovetska Participant in Biennale 2023 in London

Ihor Kudelin

Oleksandr Serdyuk

Oleksandr Serdyuk was born in Kharkiv on November 2, 1982. In 2002, he graduated from the Kharkiv Art School. In 2008, he graduated from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, where he currently serves as an associate professor in the Department of Drawing. Oleksandr is a monumental artist with extensive professional training under the guidance of his mentor, Viktor Gontarov.

He has been a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 2010. In 2018, he was awarded the honorary title of "Distinguished Artist of Ukraine." He has been participating in nationwide and international exhibitions and plein airs since 1999. His works are found in public and private collections in Ukraine, Germany, China, Taiwan, and the United States.

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