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We aim to support Ukrainian refugees in the UK and the EU in their adaptation as well as social and professional integration into the host country's society, at a later stage, actively engage them in the reconstruction of post-war Ukraine.

UAEP is a social initiative for Ukrainians abroad divided into three stages: DATA COLLECTION, DUSP, and ACTION HUB.
All three stages of the program are logically and structurally developed, and each pillar flows into the next one. Together, they create a unique UAEP system that responds to the needs of displaced Ukrainians.


Understanding the socio-psychological, professional-oriented needs of displaced Ukrainians abroad through polls and questionnaires: What problems they can face and how they can be supported on the way to successful European integration in hosting countries to learn the best UK and EU experience to rebuild Ukraine in post-war times. Collected data analytics will be carefully examined by our forced migration experts and shaped in a socio-psychological  passporting report to guide our DUSP pilot project.  

UAEP sits on the 6 following spokes: | Support | Adaptation | Networking | Empowerment | Integration | Bridge-building |

Detailed social mapping and profiling of displaced Ukrainians bring clarity to their social and professional profiles, as well as their actual needs and aspirations, both in the short and long term. This information will be of key importance to the Ukrainian Government, Ukrainian and international NGOs, and other supporting institutions. Indeed, this data will be a valuable source of information when defining social and economic policies aimed at rebuilding Ukraine's society and economy over the next 10 years.

Moreover, displaced Ukrainians now have unprecedented access to educational systems, labour markets, and business opportunities in the UK and the EU. This offers our country a unique chance to develop the Ukrainian society of tomorrow and aligns with the recently stated intention of the Ukrainian Government to give English the status of a recognized business language in Ukraine.

STAGE 2 - DUSP (Displaced Ukrainians Support Program)

Based on the initial data collection exercise, we devise and implement a comprehensive program structured around the following pillars:


  • Psychological support through qualified Ukrainian- and Russian-speaking therapists;

  • Support with adaptation to the host country and cultural integration;

  • Professional (re)qualification assistance and mentoring;

  • Business networking platform for internship opportunities, start-ups, and entrepreneurial projects.


For the first two stages, the intention is to collaborate with existing networks of Ukrainian and international organizations that already provide support to stress the authority of the program. UAEP plans to work globally where all displaced Ukrainians are located. Before a full-scale launch, we will run a Pilot Program, where we will collect approximately 10,000 profiles of displaced Ukrainians.

The pilot will focus on eight countries in Europe:

  • The United Kingdom

  • France

  • Italy

  • Poland

  • Germany

  • Austria

  • Switzerland

  • Belgium


Afterwards, the Pilot Program will be applied to Kyiv Oblast' for the Reintegration of Ukrainians in:

  • Irpin

  • Bucha

  • Hostomel


An example can be seen in the Irpin Reconstruction Summit project.

We expect that the Data Collection will provide us with statistically significant information for the further development of DUSP and Action HUB. Belgium plays a connector role, providing an opportunity for on-the-ground connections not only with local authorities but also with European institutions that may be interested in a partnership on the program.


The Pilot Project will focus on metrics validation:

  • Are we tracking the relevant metrics?

  • Does the Program structure work well?

  • Does the Program deliver valuable results?


The outcome of profiling displaced people serves as the basis for the creation of numerous frameworks of DUSP, where the integration, adaptation, and development needs will be covered. At the end of the Pilot, we will also provide a stakeholder report analyzing the results against our stated objectives and providing financial and institutional accountability to all sponsors involved.


The third pillar of UAEP is the final stage of program development, where the previously mentioned stages have shown valuable results. Numerous projects in DUSP allow the constant expansion of Action Hub into a growing career incubator, where all actual market proposals are published.


Action Hub works in a bridge-building system between Ukraine, the EU, and the USA, strengthening international and cultural relations. UAEP/Action Hub aligns with the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

Focus on women and youth empowerment:

  • Cooperate with universities (with a focus on tech, anti-corruption/business, biosciences);

  • Internship & training platform (including remote placements);

  • Networks to contribute to rebuilding Ukraine;

  • Gender and inclusivity-sensitive infrastructure.

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