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Arts Support Programme

The Arts Support Programme aims to promote Ukrainian culture in the UK and strengthen intercultural ties.

After the start of the full-scale invasion, the whole world heard about Ukraine.

Ukrainian language is being studied as a foreign language, globally renowned designers draw inspiration from Ukrainian culture and unique traditions, incorporating embroidery as an addition to their fashion collections. Ukrainian music is spreading worldwide, the revival of ancient culture and traditions is playing a positive trend in global media. Ukrainian diasporas around the world, united with forced migrants, not only help navigate the challenging path of adaptation but also aim to actively integrate into society and continue creating art even in the most difficult times.

The Arts Support Programme is the first and only direction in Britain, founded by Ukrainians, aimed at the creative adaptation and cultural integration of Ukrainian in Britain. Innovative migrants from Ukraine, finding themselves in a different cultural environment, strive not only to continue their work in the conditions of forced migration but also to involve foreign colleagues in collaboration.

The main goal of this direction is to promote Ukrainian culture in the United Kingdom and strengthen intercultural ties between the two countries. Together with UAEP, Ukrainian youth as well as filmmakers, singers, designers, artists, and writers with international fame and experience will be able to accomplish the set tasks, thereby working on two fronts: restoring authentic culture in the country and spreading it worldwide.

Along with UAEP, a series of creative events, exhibitions, and fashion shows are planned. The Ukrainian Eurointegration Platform, through cooperation with directors and documentary artists, will screen films that depict the war and the consequences of Russian aggression without embellishment. By speaking the language of art about serious matters, we are attracting more and more people interested in such an important initiative as the reconstruction of Ukraine, the development of human capital, and the strengthening of our sovereignty and unity.

The first achievements will be presented soon.

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