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Ukraine Eurointegration Platform (UAEP) is an educational and information platform aimed at supporting all forced migrants from Ukraine in the UK and Europe. UAEP is a platform for sharing entrepreneurial ideas, business opportunities and providing psychological support, language and communication skills development.


Whether you take the challenge to settle in a new country or return to Ukraine, UAEP is here to support your aspirations. Through our platform and supporting partners, you can learn the best EU and UK professional practices and bring them to Ukraine to rebuild the country in the post-war period.

Our platform works closely with experts including, but not limited to lawyers, diplomats and politicians; forced migration, cross-cultural and professional orientation experts; business coaches; reproduction health specialists; psychologists; architectors and graphic designers; journalists; academics from various disciplines.


The team of professionals based in Europe, Ukraine and the United Kingdom helps to contribute to the development of the next generation of human capital in Ukraine and build a smart society together.


UAEP is happy to assist all displaced Ukrainians in every step of migration, adaptation and growth in their host countries.

Career Opportunities for Women

Support for Young People

Help for Children


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