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[Review Film] Dune: Part Two (2024)

In 2021, when the pandemic conditions were still quite high, Warner Bros. released a science fiction film entitled Dune (2021). Even in the midst of a pandemic that still makes people hesitate to go to the cinema, Dune can be said to be a success. As a result, Warner Bros. confident of working on the sequel, entitled Dune: Part Two, which was finally released three years after the first film.

Like the first film, Dune: Part Two was again directed by Denis Villeneuve, who co-wrote the script with Jon Spaihts. Timothee Chalamet of course returns in this film as Paul Atreides. Apart from Chalamet, this film also stars Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Josh Brolin, Austin Butler, Florence Pugh, Dave Bautista, and other well-known actors.

Dune: Part Two directly continues the ending of the first film, where Paul Atreides and his mother, Lady Jessica, begin to enter the life of Fremen society. After gaining the Fremen's trust, Paul and the Fremen continued to attack the Harkonnen, to avenge the death of his father at the hands of the Harkonnen. On the other hand, Jessica is aggressively strengthening the predictions of Lisan al-Gaib among the Fremen.

The first film Dune is a masterpiece in the world of science fiction films. The first film immediately displays magnificent worldbuilding, interesting conflicts, and diverse characters. It's hard to imagine being able to get a film that is more epic than the first Dune film. However, director Denis Villeneuve proved that he could surpass previous achievements by making Dune: Part Two a superior sequel to the first film.

From the first film, it is clear that Dune is an intergalactic film with a theme of power politics, more or less similar to Star Wars. What is shown in the first film is only the "skin" of the political intrigue that exists in the Dune universe.

So, Dune: Part Two invites the audience to dive deeper into the political intrigue between Paul Atreides and the parties who took part in destroying the Atreides Family in the first film.

You can find many surprising things in Dune: Part Two, which makes the conflict surrounding Paul Atreides more tense and more interesting to explore in more depth. The rapid character development that occurs in Paul and Jessica is also one of the main factors that makes the story even more interesting. The Paul and Jessica you will see in this film are completely different figures from the Paul and Jessica you saw in the first film.

Even though the first Dune film is a masterpiece, it cannot be denied that there are some people who think the pace or plot of the film is very slow. The good news is that the story pace shown in Dune: Part Two is clearly faster than the first film. You see, this film shows more war, action and dramatic scenes. The presence of several new characters also adds to the excitement of the film.


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